Habits- The sustainable home range


The starting point for the creation of our clothes has always been a careful study of the materials. For each fabric there are specific uses in which the properties are best expressed.


Over time we found fabrics with characteristics that lent themselves very well to uses that went beyond the world of clothing and we have tested them in our daily life.

The desire, sooner or later, was to be able to create a line parallel to that of our clothes in which to insert commonly used products that make the most of the properties of natural fabrics. We then met Giulia and from our collaboration products have been created that combine our knowledge of fabrics with hers, of a world with zero waste.

Just a few pieces, to which we hope to add more over time. Because as we have always told you, Filotimo is a choice that goes beyond clothes … it is the choice of a more conscious lifestyle.

Welcoming Filotimo Habits!

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