Clothes made with natural fibres are precious goods that carry with them all the properties of the raw material from which they have been manufactured. For the wearer they become a second skin, acting in a beneficial fashion on the body (natural fabric properties). Natural fibres, unlike synthetic ones, have not been created in the laboratory according to specific needs, so the maintenance of these garments requires some extra attention.


We recommend not using “industrial” detergents in their washing, as the excessive amount of enzymes, often chemical, responsible for getting rid of organic stains, also attack the fibres, which, also being organic, may result in holes and/or unsightly patches.

  • The use of neutral soaps will best preserve your clothes, skin and the ecosystem.
  • We strongly recommend white vinegar or citric acid instead of fabric softener.
  • Particularly for hemp and nettle cloths, we recommend a light spin and to iron them when they are still slightly damp.
  • If exposed to the air for one night, after use, the garments regenerate, losing any odours and regaining tone and softness.
  • Make sure that any wool garment really needs washing. Unlike other fibres, it does not need frequent laundering and a shirt worn for only one day does not need to be washed. Airing it regularly will help keep it clean. However, this only applies to garments without synthetic components which favour bacterial proliferation, generating bad odours after just a single wear.

Lack of time often leads us to pay little attention to the washing requirements of the various fabrics but, by dedicating just a couple of extra minutes to the care of our clothes, it is possible to make them last longer and retain all their characteristics unaltered.

In any case, you will find all the specific instructions on the individual items of clothing (for more information do not hesitate to contact us).